Monday, April 6, 2009

Update on Jon

First of all. I would like to take time out and thank everyone for their support. I also want to thank everyone for the prayers, energy, thoughts or whatever you wish to call it.

Jon is doing better. of the vent. He may go to the reg floor tomorrow and leave the CCU area. That is a big step. Talk to the Neurologist about him. The Doctor says he is making allot of progress for the better, but there is still problems. Right sided weakness. unable to talk, etc. the Doctor seems hopeful. When Jon saw me today he started to cry. I ask him if the nurses told he I was up there, when he was sadated. he shook his head no. The nurse told him that I have been up there faithfully and called once a day to find out how he was doing. Jon does not remember allot what has happened to him and that he lost a week of his life. I explained to him what has happened. I think that upset him more than anything. Then the Drctor came in and check him out. after that his mother and cousin came up. I stayed for about an hour and left. I will see him tomorrow.

again thank you everyone for the love and support.

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