Friday, April 3, 2009


Went to the hospital today. The nurse said when he is awake he can do some simple instructions. Rise your finger, blink, wiggle your toes. They have him on a vent and trachea tube. A Peg tube for feeding. She seems very hopeful. He was under sedation every time I visit. I guess that is where I would not kill him for doing this. I mean if you want attention... there are other ways to get it. Right? His mother is a basket case, but one would expect that. the cousin that is helping his mom is trying her best to cope. Here is where I get to be the strong one. That is almost a hopeless cause, except when I go into Nursing mode. today I started cleaning him up and some suctioning his mouth to get extra mucus out. Whashed his face, etc. I think you get the picture. Here come the question, "Why did I pick Nursing as a career?". I do mean to sound harsh, but trying to take care of a loved one is hard. I do love my job and love my loved ones, but just like drinking and driving , they do not mix. I am very tired, not sleeping well. I now have bad to really bad dreams when I sleep. then I am awake for several hours before I can go back to sleep.

Again thank you everyone for your support during this time.

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