Monday, November 2, 2009

JuJu, the update

Ok Today was JuJu visit with the Oral Vet. The mouth is healing fine, still can not explain why she does not eat chicken, baby food, or even scramble eggs. They did blood work. Her liver enzymes are up past the chart for a dog. So off to the reg Vet we go. Now here is where I sing, I owe, I owe, So off to work I go" The vet is keeping her for some time to see what is wrong; JuJu may have to spend the night there. I do nto know at this time, the reg Vet will call and let me know. They are giving her IV fluids, IV antinausea meds, IV Pain meds. I really do hope they do not find anything really wrong with her.

Once again everyone thank you for you support.

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