Monday, November 16, 2009


Update. JuJu is now eating on her own. After a week and 1/2 at the Vets office (She thought it was a day spa. JuJu canme home. I now feed her 2 cook eggs and 2 bacon with one cup of dog food. In the evening JuJu gets about 1/2lb of Turkey and 1 cup of dog food. This is the Vets saying. She at this at the vets office, for she quit eating dog food there. Now this is her meal. Last night she said she was getting borde with turckey and ask for pheasant under glass (LOL, do not tell her this please. This will be the last update since she is doing fine. If something major happens I will let you know, but other than that; that is all folks.
Once again thank you for all of your warm wishes.

PS Sorry I do not own a camera and I do not take pictures that often. When Christams gets here I will take pictures of JUJU and post them for you guys.

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