Monday, November 30, 2009

Ruffy, I think you are getting closer

hey everyone I finially got a letter from Ruffy. You do remember Ruffy. The specail guy to me. I have fallen in love with everything about him. He has a wonderful hubster known as "The Hubster". If anyone forgotten him. There is a picture of them together. Ruffy kissing "THe Hubster" Ruffy wrote me a letter last year about this time saying that "The Hubster" was mad at him for putting up the lights. Well I repost that one for you guys. Now I get another letter stating that "The Hubster" is oging to kill Ruffy for putting up the lights after he saw the next door nieghbors house. So Ruffy wanted to do the same. I did ont see anything wrong with it until I saw the picture. Ruffy I think you are getting closer to decorating the outside house better.


The Hubster has been on my case

to get the Christmas lights up

for a couple of weeks now.

They are up now,

and for some reason

he will not talk to me.

Don't Understand why, can

you help??


Well I go another wierd letter from from. Still stating that he talk to his nieghbor about the lights. He saw how nice they looked on the next door nieghbor's house. He was going to do the same. Once again "The Hubster" got mad at him. I do think Ruffy is on the right track on getting closer to lighting the house.

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